@ Kees Teer Hospitality Partners

we do not pretend to be a specialist in every field.

We achieve success by working with people who have specialised in major disciplines such as construction and construction costs, corporate finance, marketing and e-commerce, interior architecture and design, building architecture, hotel engineering, communications and PR and an expert in the field of context and culture change.

We work with you and your team and take the provision of service to a higher level of quality.

The philosophy

People take the main role when we talk about services within the hospitality sector.
The aim is to exceed expectations.
Expectations of employees, guests, patients, customers, relationships, your Board of Directors!

  • We turn managers into leaders and workers into proud employees.

  • Our work is transparent, measurable and result-oriented.

  • No main office structure and this means lower overheadcosts. Direct lines of communication and our personal commitment.

    Independent advice, fast, reported briefly and concisely online.

  • From concept development, financing, project organisation and management contracts to finished product through just one partner.

We are different

“In the cloud” project management, so no piles of paper, just safe and reliable online work.

KTHP aims for climate neutral solutions and corporate social responsibility has been incorporated into its company philosophy as “the” key value!

Pride in the end product result is not an objective, it’s a requirement!

Expect more......