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you're at the right address if your aim is to improve the quality of service provision.
You want to improve your employees' performance levels but do not have the manpower and time to achieve these things?
Kees Teer and his team(s) have for years proven that the quality of service and genuine hospitality begins with a good start and zero measurement.

Many factors affect the perception of your guest.
Together with you we determine the ultimate goal, and ensure that everyone in the organisation knows what your vision, strategy, and short & long term goals are.
Unlike the “hardware” that you often cannot change, we can develop the “software”, namely the employees, their passion, motivation and commitment to your business.

Guests, customers and/or clients that walk into your company, institution or store, intuitively sense, this means unconsciously, how a business is conducted.
All of the senses are used for a first impression.
Whether it’s a hotel, hospital, town hall, shoe shop, restaurant, fuel station, car showroom or supermarket, the first impression is of the upmost importance.
The non-verbal, often not tangible things determines the feelings of your guest but also of your employees.

Culture and context are key!

Expect more, call Kees......

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